Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo and Conditioner 250ml + 250ml

Cleanse, repair and nourish damaged hair with this strengthening shampoo and conditioner duo. Formulated with an active rescue system to deeply penetrate the hair help remove impurities and reduce breakage.

Strengthening weak hair against damage due to chemical treatments, heat and environmental elements.


Sebastian Dark Oil. 95ml

Body in a bottle. Evanescent styling oil that replenishes from the inside out to smoothen the cuticle and add body, then disappears from hair thanks to the new DiffusX Technology. Formulated with sandalwood, cedarwood, and argan oil. With hair protection against UV damage. Disappears in seconds, smooths up to 48 hours.



  • Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo 250ml
  • Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner 250ml
  • Sebastian Dark Oil 95ml


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Sebastian Penetraitt Trio Pack.