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Looking After Your Scalp & Hair with System Professional.

Seasonal change could lead to seeing different things happening to your

hair & scalp. ☀️ ☔️ 🍂❄️

In our current situation of staying home, added stress & not seeing much sun/fresh air could be raising some concern.

💁‍♀️Some concerns we are hearing a lot of is dry hair, itchy\flakey scalp, brittle ends, greasy roots, sensitive scalps & hair loss.

These concerns can stem from a number of problems for example, not using the right haircare, build up of low quality products, not washing your hair properly or regular enough, your hair is always tied up or to tight which adds stress to the hair & scalp, along with medical conditions.

Let us help you tailor your own hair prescription\routine for a beautiful healthy scalp & hair.

We would prescribe your concerns with System Proferssional Haircare. Why you ask? System Professionals’s scientists developed and patented the EnergyCode™ technology: based on carefully balanced ingredients specifically targeted for your concerns throughout the System Professional range, which transforms each unique hair energy.

Why @systemprofessional is so effective?The ranges contain the following ⬇️


Which help to maintain the structural integrity of hair through re-inforcing and replenishing the cell cement in the hair.


Repairs and replenishes the natural protein structure of the hair and helps protect against the damage caused by free radicals.


Increases the blood circulation and keeps the root of the hair energised.


Enhances the moisture balance in the scalp and contributes to strong healthy hair growth, full of energy.


Hair full of energy, responsive and manageable. Hair is less static and frizzy but has more shine and bounciness.

If you’re having any concerns with your hair or scalp, please feel free to send us an email at to help you sort through these problem areas.

To help find your Energy Code take the test at which will help pick which products are best for you 💕

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